Types of Hair loss and its treatments

Hair loss is due to the inability of hair follicles to continue hair growth. Hair loss is also a sign of aging. Normally we lose about 100 hairs in everyday ratio. Though we lose 100s of hair everyday, we do not notice this loss because our hair scalp contain about 100,000 hairs. But its not same for all because this problem could be more for some people. In other words, some people can see this hair loss because they lose more hairs than other people normally do.

Our hair has the life of about three and half years. In this time it keeps growing. This phase last for about two to three years. Every month it grows half an inch or more. This process is called anagen. After this phase, our hair takes rest. This phase is calle telogen. Then our hair falls and a new one grows within 6 months.

Types of hair loss

Pattern Baldness
Pattern baldness is caused by the failure to produce new hairs by our body. This inability is found more in men than in women. At the age of 30, about 25% of men are seen to be facing this pattern bladness whereas remaining percentage seems to be facing pattern baldness. This phase involves a receding hairline and thinning around the crown with eventual bald spots. A man's head may seems like a horseshoe ring of hair around the sides. Pattern Baldness requires the presence of the male hormone testosterone. Men who are unable to produce testerone cannot develop pattern baldness.This phase is also found in few womens. It could be caused by genetics or aging. In females, the thinning throughout the scalp is seen whereas the frontal hairline remains intact.

In addition to pattern baldness found in men and women, followings are the other types of hair loss:

Alopecia Areata
When the immune system of our body attacks the hair follicles which leads to the loss of hair in scalp and other parts of the body. It develops a bald pathces on the scalp, beard, eyebrows and also in eyelashes. This phase is called Alopecia Areata. However, the hair follicles are not killed in the process so there is a chance of hair to regrow when the problem is resolved. But the regrow of hair could take many years. This disease can also take every hair from our head.

Tinea Capitis
The fungal infection of the scalp could lead to hairloss called Tinea Capitis but it can also be treated by antifungal medicines.

Hormonal Changes
The abnormality of our thyroid gland could cause the hair loss. The prevention for this hair loss is to control the over activeness or under activeness of our thyroid gland. Once the process is controlled the hair loss stops. Both imbalance in men and female hormones could lead to hair loss. Few months, after having a baby womens can face hair loss which is due to the change in hormone.

Telogen effluvium
Hair loss that occured after serious illness, major surgery or emotional or physical stress is known as telogen effluvium. This hair loss is temporary.

Anagen effluvium
During chemotherapy treatments, we suffer hair loss problem. It is due to the medicines that target rapidly growing cells which also affects the growing hair cells. But the hair loss is occurs only where the therapy is trageted. For eg if the target of the radition is on the hand then we will lose the hair of our hands not the hair on our head. The hair grows back after the treatment is completed.

Traction alopecia
Pulling our hair tightly can cause scarring of the hair follicles which could trigger the process of hair loss. If pulling of hair is stopped before the scaring on the scalp then the hair can grow back. This process could also lead to permanent hair loss. Excessive shampooing and blow drying hair can also cause hair loss.

Poor nutrition can also cause hair loss. Disorder in eating habits, illness are the reason for poor nutrition whereas disease like diabetes or lupus can also cause hair loss.

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